NAMIHP Gears Up for Fall MIH Summit

NAMIHP is excited to continue to build on the success of our March Summit as we get ready for the fall summit at EMS World. NAMIHP is sponsoring a pre-conference session with two days of dedicated programming for mobile integrated health and community paramedicine programs. 

“We’re looking forward to welcoming attendees from across the country to discuss innovative ideas for mobile integrated health,” said Joseph Santiago, NAMIHP Executive Director. “The summit is bringing together brilliant minds to help new and established teams find solutions to some of the most pressing challenges in our industry.”

About the Session

The 2023 MIH Fall Summit happens September 18 and 19 in New Orleans. The first day focuses on building your MIH Program. Whether your program is going from funded to first patient or whether you’re ready to expand your services, these presentations will help you get there. On day two, we’ll dig into essential aspects of an MIH program, from funding to quality assurance. 

MIH Summit Agenda

With MIH growing and changing rapidly, we have a lot to cover in two days. Attendees will learn more about the latest trends in MIH programs and about innovative strategies to build, grow and sustain your program. 

You’ll hear from leaders and experts in MIH care. Jason Fuller, a public safety consultant, will be presenting on how to effectively communicate with organizational leaders and elected officials.

“Usually I’m communicating that which many department leaders already know/understand to an audience that the departments may not have been able to communicate with well prior,” Fuller said. “My presentation will hopefully provide some tips to those who are newer to communicating with those groups, while possibly kicking the dust off of the tires of some of the seasoned vets.”

Chris Kelly, a healthcare attorney, will share details on contracting basics and how to document the MIH encounter. Maggie Adams, a reimbursement and compliance consultant, will be there to talk about money, specifically how to obtain reimbursement and compensation. 

Melodie Kolmetz, a physician assistant and paramedic, will present on quality improvement. Her interactive session will feature a “choose your own adventure” format, where attendees can bring in their challenges and walk through a validated performance improvement process to find a solution.

This is just a small sample of those speaking. Other topics on the agenda include:

  • Quality improvement
  • How to build support for MIH programs
  • The power of partnerships
  • Documentation and data collection practices

The March Summit included more than 400 attendees, who made amazing professional connections and learned valuable insights to apply to their programs at home. We’re looking forward to this session continuing that value for attendees and to promote the success of MIH more broadly. 

We have limited seating, so register today by visiting

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